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Company Law
Company Law

Marra Urso Legal Business Professionals provides businesses with legal and tax advice, supporting them throughout, from the company’s incorporation to the performance of its ordinary and extra-ordinary operations. Amongst the services provided:

  • choosing the appropriate company type, drafting by-laws and shareholders’ agreements, performing all necessary activities for the incorporation of the company, in Italy and in foreign countries
  • increasing o decreasing share capital; issuing securities (debentures and bonds); restructuring; purchasing of share capital; mergers; de-mergers shareholders’ contributions, and business hiring, going concern and reorganisation
  • joint ventures and multinationals / transnationals
  • dissolution of companies and winding up of companies

Our Lawyers also assist Clients in shareholders’ meetings and board meetings.

Our Business Professionals can also take part in board meetings and board of auditors meetings. As our mission is always to identify the best possible and personalised solution (tailored) to the Client’s needs, our Lawyers will work in conjunction with tax and employment experts, public notaries, marketing experts, and other qualified Professionals, especially those who are already relied upon and trusted by the company.

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